The Hamster Wheel – Poem

The Hamster Wheel

I walk upon the streets so weary
Where people go, oh so dreary
Smoke is kissing the stone cold ground
With the silence of no sound

This was not supposed to be their future
And all in while they look down at their suture
That holds the wound they got the day they realized
That dreams don’t come true like they idealized

It’s a cruel joke making kids so hopeful
Cause when they grow up all that matters is if it’s useful
The dreams they had are now but joke
Because at some point they all awoke

No matter how much you fear it
You will end in that pit
That we call being an adult
Like it’s a motherfucking cult

There is no escaping
The way your life will be reshaping
After the day you know
That it’s all but a show

A show that ends with two kids and partner
With a garden that needs a gartner
The dog you need to walk
And the friends that always talk

Talk about the everyday stress
Like life is all but a play of chess
Where we only can go so many ways
While counting our days

Days will go without you even knowing
And suddenly you realize that you need to get going
But it’s to late to do anything about the dreams you once had
And all life can do to comfort you is letting you go mad


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