Are you okay?

I cannot speak for every depressed person out there, but the question “are you okay” really fucks up my day and here is why: So lately i’ve been told that, on the outside, i look like i’m getting better. And they say the words “getting better” like it should be accompied by one of these … More Are you okay?

Slam poem

I am sorry to disappoint by saying i did not create any slam poems. This video however really urges me to try it. Anyway, this is just a really short post for the soul purpose of sharing this epic video of a girl explaining her depression to her mother via a slam poem. It’s genius … More Slam poem

TED Talks.

So for a long time i have been drawn to this site called “TED talks”. It is filled with inspiring speakers about anything. Some have helped me a lot ¬†and i wanna share them with you today. It might sound boring and tedious, but some of them really got my mind going and kind of … More TED Talks.