I’ve had many low points in my life. Granted they were not that of an alchoholic (frankly if it tasted better, i would hop on that wagon in a second), it is not that of a person losing a loved one, it is not that of a person having a terminal illness. What i’m trying … More Confession.


We are so fast judging others, myself included. The first thing you do in any situation is judging. You walk into a room and you judge. You judge depending on what you appreciate the most. It could be style, cleanliness, size, freshness of air, it could be anything. You meet a person for the first … More Judging

Inspirational Thursday

Inspirational Thursday that is actually gonna be on Wednesday because wednesday just sucks a bit more than thursday, doesn’t it? It’s basically where i’m gonna share with you whatever i have found to be inspirational the last week. In whatever form or media. Just to get some positivity in here, eventhough it feels highly unnatural. … More Inspirational Thursday

Taking a step back

I’m going back. This was what i was fearing you guys. Taking steps backwards. It’s really never good, but when you have hell on wheels in you near past, it’s definitely terrifying. I don’t know how i came to realise this, but the past 20 months or so i have not thought of myself doing … More Taking a step back

Depression is..

Warning: Some pessimism, bitterness and passive agressiveness can be detected in the following blog. Lately i’ve been more stressed than usual which results in me taking a few steps back into my deep abyss of depression and a lot of procrastination, which really ties a nice bow on the circle of stress. Because as a … More Depression is..