The slow way of selfdestruction

This might be a mistake. This might be a very horrible idea made in the middle of the night, like most horrible ideas.

Speaking of which what is it that makes every idea look better at 3 AM? For real. Another discussion for another day.

What i really want to talk about is the initial point of this blog. Depression and everything that entails. It could be you are “Just” sad, confused, missing meaning in life and all that.

First of let me start by saying i suffer from depression and more detail on that in the next post. This is merely and introduction seeing if this seems as good of an idea tomorrow. My intital plan is that there will be lists with good movies if your down (because there are no good out there), good advice, a chance to hear someone else going through what you are going through, good music i don’t really know to be honest.

I really hope this turns into something, that will just help one person. Otherwise i am a freak writing to myself, and i have my moodjournal/diary (whatever you wanna call it) for that purpose.

So i’ll leave you with a favorite song of mine and ’till next time.

Rilo Kiley – Better son/daughter 


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